Ecommerce Marketing

Let’s face it: running an eCommerce business, let alone to notch up success, is not at all a simple or easy journey. It is far away from being that ‘piece of cake’ or ‘a breeze.’ In your initial stage, just simply setting up your Facebook page or an eCommerce website is by no means even […]

We all have heard of the terms “Google Analytics” and that it is very important for all E-commerce businesses, however, not a lot of people have heard of terms “E-commerce tracking”! The following article will lighten you up with how E-commerce tracking is THE TOOL that will turn your business into profit!   What is […]

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For a long time, marketers and e-commerce companies have been spending money on Google Search Ads to place their websites and ads on top of organic search results. However, Google has pushed Search Ads one step-down and has added the “Google Shopping Campaign” to the top of search results. What is Google Shopping Campaign? Google […]

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Dynamic Remarketing is allowing websites to show and create tailored Ads to re engage shopping cart abandoners.

What is PDPA? The Personal Data Protection Act was published on the 27th of May 2019 and will become into force on the 28th of May 2020. PDPA Thailand has aimed at controlling the collection, use, and disclosure of any personal data that could identify a person directly or indirectly. PDPA is designed specifically to […]