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Real time, multi device art of the technology targeting.
Programmatic Advertising

Cross-device audience targeting

Reach the relevant audience for your product across devices

Everything is mesurable

We track forms, sales, calls, traffic, etc., we track everything that is important to your business.

Third party data targeting

Precise targeting to uplift your brand.

Google Programmatic solutions

Relevant Audience offers you the latest Google Programmatic Ad Technology.

Real Time Bidding

Only real time bidding can set your banners in front of your targeted audience.

Brand Safety

No worries about brand safety, your ads are served to safe brand placements.

Best Performance

You will get relevant traffic and brand uplifment, we are not looking to just spend your money!

Visibility in other Channels

YouTube, banners are also part of the strategy to make your brand highlight!

From banners to Audio ads to any type of device.

Brands who trust us:

Programmatic Marketing in Bangkok

What is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic Marketing, as the name implies, is an automated program that does your bidding spontaneously on a real-time advertising inventory. Programmatic Advertising automates the ads buying process and secures ad space based on criteria identified by the buyer. It refers to the use of automated software in the precise steps of buying, placing and optimizing ads, designed to be shown to a specific audience.

What are the benefits of Programmatic Advertising?

Speed: It allows you to find your target audience faster than any human tracking strategy can ever do, and it also delivers real-time data and messages.

Targeting: It blends with inventory from more than 100 Ad exchanges (digital marketplace) as well as approximately one billion websites, and allows you to advertise your product on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) while giving you the opportunity to manage multiple bidding strategies all at once. These advanced targeting capabilities help you locate and target your current and desired customers based on specific demographics, interests and purchase intents by using Google’s data.

Buying Options: The “All-in-One Solution” is the option where you can choose from a variety of programmatic purchase alternatives including programmatic guaranteed, direct deals and open exchange. The “DoubleClick Bid Manager” (DBM) is the one which allows you to build, execute and measure campaigns across desktop, mobile and video as well as enables you to plan, seek and purchase premium media ads for all devices from within the platform interface itself. Or you can access our high-quality YouTube and TV video inventory programmatically through Google Partner Select (DBM’s premium video marketplace).

Relevant Audience will ensure a full and thorough reporting on all the aspect of your Programmatic Marketing drive. An in-depth recording of more than 35 dimensions and 50 metrics related to your campaign will be carried out from the monitoring of all the essential data. We will conduct a funnel analysis into all of your real-time data, to accurately measure whether your campaign is reaching the target audience and converting into leads.

All in all, Relevant Audience Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok, with the help of Google’s advanced algorithms, provides you with precise campaign oversight into the adjustment and optimization of all your bidding process. And, with the use of Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM), you can also monitor the impression numbers, ad clicks, as well as specific website conversions from any particular ad campaign.

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