SEO Case Study: Car insurance

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

With last year’s pandemic situation, many businesses are heavily affected by it. Car insurance brokers in Thailand are also facing a challenging interval.

Due to an 18.1% decrease in car sales in Thailand in 2020, insurance brokers such as our client are severely affected, with no new customers, no sales and the business was getting grim.

So, how did we help our client, a car insurance broker reach 1st result page of Google in 4 months!?

Relevant Audience, an SEO Services in Bangkok, was contacted by a car insurance broker in September of 2020. Their goal was to be on the 1st page of the Google search results. In this SEO case study, we will look at how Relevant Audience achieves that goal.

The Challenge

One of the most challenging tasks that we need to carry out is to bring their website to the 1st page of Google search results. Although it may sound simple, insurance-related keywords are in high competition due to their search volume of over 30 million. Making it more difficult to climb up the rankings. 

On top of that, the high-competition keywords combining with the limited 6 months period post a formidable challenge for both the client and Relevant Audience.

Our Solution

Working together, we came up with 3 stages of the process to resolve the situation and improve it.

Stage 1: The Analysis

The first step toward the goal, our expert SEO team uses various tools and programs to analyze the client’s website. The team analyzes both the On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, intending to uncover any small, overlooked details and establish the best solution. 

What we found

There were varying issues and obstacles found after SEO analysis. 

  • 7.9% of duplicated Meta Title
  • 8.5% of duplicated Meta Descriptions 
  • 80% of ALT Tags are missing
  • The Landing Page is lacking essential content and keywords that match the User Intent.
  • Insufficient Linking Domain

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

Stage 2: The Strategy

After the sources of the conundrum were identified, we implemented different strategies to provide the optimal solution for specific issues. 

For On-page SEO, our team started fixing the website structure by altering the replicated Meta Titles to be more diverse. Then, amending the Meta Descriptions to describe each unique webpage better. For the missing ALT Tags, we also added appropriate image descriptions.

Regarding the Landing Page which most users would be visiting, we supply both the relevant keywords, internal links, and added a FAQs section. Subsequently, we optimize the page loading speed for both mobile and desktop versions. 

Last but not least, our SEO team works together with copywriters to deliver 2 content articles per month, using Longtail Keywords related to our client’s services. For better correspondence to customers’ questions and needs.

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

For Off-page SEO, we provide Backlinks, not just simple ones. Our SEO team explicitly selects backlinks with DA (Domain Authority) over 30. We were also able to put in backlinks with more than 90 DA. The reason for this implementation is to create reliability and proactively prevent the Google ban.

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

Stage 3: The Performance

We, Relevant Audience, and our client work closely together from the beginning to the end of the project. We constantly support each other with discussions, ideas, and expertise in the field. Our team would send a monthly performance report to showcase all the ongoing processes, numbers, and insights reinforcing our client’s confidence.

The End Result

The thorough analysis, precisely implemented strategies and keeping a close relationship with the client results in a satisfying outcome.

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

  • The implemented keywords and website ranking gradually and naturally rises due to the On-Page adjustments (Meta Title, Mata Description, ALT Tag) as well as the quality of the backlink.
    Causing our client website to be on the 1st Search Results Page   
  • Increase in Organic Traffic and Goals:
    – Users increase
    – New Users increase
    – Goals increase. 

SEO Case Study: Car insurance

Most importantly, we were able to achieve the objective in 4 months only! Which is faster than the initial estimation of 6 months. 

With their website being displayed on the first search result page in high-competition keywords and achieving their objective. Our client is delighted with the result and now has a strong online presence to accelerate their business. 

We hope that our SEO case study will be beneficial to all marketers, brands, and readers out there!


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