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Display ads in Bangkok, Thailand

Increase your awareness and reach the right audience for your product and services.

1500 THB FREE on Google Ads after you spend the first THB 1500. Special Promotion from Relevant Audience to new customers with no Google Ads account.

Display Advertising

Promote your business with Display Advertising

Display Advertising allow you to put your brand in the face of people browsing around on 95% of the websites in the world. Brand Awareness and Performance are possible with the right audience strategy. This type of advertising can reach billions of user worldwide or just your audience in Thailand and make a your target audience to know about your business and later become your customer.

They are different ways of using display ads based on the targeting you use, we can roughly divide them in to 4 types Placement Targeting, Contextual advertising, Behaviour based and Remarketing

Placement Targeting allow use to show your brand on websites or apps you decide.

Contextual advertising, this type of display Advertising are done by use a semi-auto tools like google ads which has already categorize website they can put ads on so advertiser can just choose website that your target audience are interesting.

Remarketing is an ad that only target audience who already visit your website or show interested in your product or service. It a mean to help you reconnect with your possible customer.

Behavior based are audiences based on google categorization of people, you have affinity audience, in-market and life events. Affinity audience is about people who really interest in specific topic. In-market are people who currently interest to buy a product or service. Life event includes in its audience people who just moved from their house or planning to get married.

Targeting is the key to plan the right strategy and reach exactly your customers. In Relevant Audience we are experts in Google Display Network (GDN), feel free to contact us.

Benefits of Display Ads

Any budget

Start bringing clients to your website with any budget thanks to Google Ads.

Everything is measurable

We track in google ads, AdWords, forms, sales, calls, traffic, etc., anything important to your business.

Right Location

Your ads will be shown at the right place at right time

Google Ad Certified

Being Google Certified allows us to contact directly Google Ads support to solve any issues, offer you the latest Google Ad Technology and stay update with the latest trend in search advertising. Google ads agency in Bangkok


Do you open 9 to 6? No worries, we can make your ads show only in that precise time.

Assigned Account Manager

We like to talk with our clients and receive their feedback, communication is vital for our mutual success! You will get a person assigned to you.

Best Performance

You will get results, we are not just looking to spend your money!

Visibility in other Channels

YouTube, banners are also part of the strategy to make your brand highlight!




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    Display Advertising

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