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Double-Digit Growth In Direct Bookings

Centara Hotel & Resorts

Centara is the leading Thai Hospitality Group with more than 91 hotels globally and growing fast throughout the decades. With a focus on providing a warm welcome to guests from all over the world. Centara Hotels & Resorts is committed to delivering a memorable stay in a location rich in culture and tradition. All of Centara’s hotels and resorts are a breath of fresh air and a modern retreat from the stresses of daily life.

Challenge & Solution

Paid Media
Web Development
Performance Creative

Online business is crucial for Centara, with 20% of revenue driven directly through the website. To grow their revenue, Centara seeks online advertising solutions. However, they have faced challenges in varying performance, and the results were not as transparent as they would prefer.

Relevant Audience was tasked to create a solution to support Centara in developing online marketing strategies, to boost direct bookings and maximize revenue. 

By learning more about Centara, their needs, and their target audience segment, we were able to design an effective online marketing strategy. With highly segmented consumers in order to increase brand awareness, direct brand websites, drive aggressive targets and many more. Also, our plan has sped up Centara’s to reach their goals and achieve the best actions during key times to set up for long-term success.


“We’re able to target effectively to reach the Right Audience at Right Time and in the Right Place”

– Tom Thrussel Vice President – Brand, Marketing & Digital at Centara

At first, they felt like small fish in a big pond with a lack of needs and objectives until they met us. Relevant Audience could help Centara drive the area of business and make a big difference in driving effective results. With an aggressive social marketing & advertising strategy paired with a conversion-focused website, conversion rate optimization, website and landing page design, SEO, display advertising, and other channels. Centara was able to achieve an exceptionally high rate of growth for consecutive years to meet long-term goals.

  • 87.31% Conversion to bookings 
  • 50.35% Increase in ROAS  50.35%
  • 277.74% Increase in Conversion Value

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