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Benefits of Google Ads Marketing

Any budget

Start bringing clients to your website with any budget thanks to Google Ads.

Everything is measurable

We track in google ads, AdWords, forms, sales, calls, traffic, etc., anything important to your business.

Right Location

Your ads will be shown at the right place at right time

Google Ad Certified

Being Google Certified allows us to contact directly Google Ads support to solve any issues, offer you the latest Google Ad Technology and stay update with the latest trend in search advertising. Google ads agency in Bangkok


Do you open 9 to 6? No worries, we can make your ads show only in that precise time.

Assigned Account Manager

We like to talk with our clients and receive their feedback, communication is vital for our mutual success! You will get a person assigned to you.

Best Performance

You will get results, we are not just looking to spend your money!

Visibility in other Channels

YouTube, banners are also part of the strategy to make your brand highlight!

PPC marketing is as it sounds where you Pay Per Click. It is more a generic term now used but there are various options which include literally paying per click or paying per view or by impressions (calculated by the thousands).

SEM is the broader range of marketing options where you can pay to advertise including Google, Bing and other platforms. Search Ads, Display, Youtube and Shopping Ads all form parts of Search Engine Marketing.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we can help you excel in all of these SEM channels.

You can elect how much you want to spend in Google Ads. It could be as little as a few Thai Bahts a day to a few thousands or more but there are many factors that can affect your budget considerations including:

  • Your Audience

How big is your audience and how wide is your reach? Some industries or businesses are very niche which means a smaller audience and a potential smaller budget requirement.

  • Your Locations

How far and wide are you trying to target? If you are trying to push ads to the whole country rather than a single state or city.

  • Your Competition

All industries are competitive in their own right. Some industries are willing to pay more per click either because of natural competitiveness or because of the size and style of jobs and contracts won a as a result.

Your Google Ads manager will grow and evolve with your advertising campaigns based on your goals and advertising budgets. A tailored strategy constantly under review and optimisation is needed to ensure performance and successful campaigns.

Google will determine and show your Ad when it’s relevant to the searcher. Depending on the search query being performed, along with how much you are willing to bid for the position along with other factors including the Ad, your website and the user experience, your Ad may show anywhere between page one and three.

As search engines have evolved over the years, people’s attitudes have with it. When Ads were new to search engines, there was stigma around those advertising but over time search engines like Google continue to improve bringing the best experience to its users. This means landing users on websites which are relevant to the searchers intent, Ads which are not misleading and websites that are legitimate. In gaining users trust in Paid Ads, it has given opportunities for businesses to be seen.

Currently Google notes that the Google Display Network is a ‘group of more than 2 million websites, videos and apps where ads can appear.’ Reaching a huge audience worldwide, your business can appear in your targeted locations on specific websites or on websites that are relevant to your audience.

Utilising one or the combination of the Google Display Network, Shopping, Video (Youtube) and Search, your ads can remarket to visitors who have visited your site. This is done by placing a ‘cookie’ which is a little bit of code on your website.

Using a remarketing strategy reminds your potential customers about your brand. With so many websites available and users checking multiple sites for products or services, it could be the case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This keeps you at the forefront of the consumer.

There are ways for keywords to potentially show your ads when someone is searching.

Exact Match – This allows us to target very specific keywords. These could be keywords that are offering a very specific product or service or could be for a very specific keyword that you want to place emphasis on in your camapign.

Broad Match – As its name suggests, google will determine if a persons search is relevant to the keyword specified. Ads could trigger due to relevant search terms or search terms with a similar intent being used by the user or spelling mistakes.

Phrase Match – Trigger your ads when a phrase is searched for. It’s more flexible than exact match however not as broad. These are still quite specific and ads will not display even if the searchers use words with similar meanings.

Negative Match – This is where you can get specific and negate keywords. This is especially important during the ongoing campaign optimisation process. There are many reasons to negate keywords. Some being similar to what you offer but not quite right. For example, if you offer a specific service that people tend to try and perform themselves, then you may want to negate ‘how to…’ if not you could waste your money on people trying to learn how to rather than actually calling you for your service.

There are different ways to track campaign progress depending on our goals. What we tend to find is those working with an agency either need a lot of reporting or very little because depending on the company structure and size of the business, a corporate entity naturally needs in depth reports to analyse and understand different aspects of their campaigns. A small business or even SME traditionally understands how well their campaigns are performing based on the inquiries and sales performance.

There are different goals that can be tracked in Google Ads campaigns. Commonly tracked are:

  • Sales – If you are an ecommerce business, you can track which clicks and keywords have generated your sales.
  • Form Submissions – When customers make an inquiry by form submission
  • Emails – If someone clicks on your email link on the website
  • Chats – If a customer engages in your online chat
  • Phone Calls (Paid) – You can engage in a third party call tracking service. We have partners in the industry that can provide this type of service. Talk to us if you are not familiar with the free and paid options and we are happy to help guide you in the right direction.
  • Subscriptions – If your goal is to build an email list or subscriptions, we can track these form submissions as goals to gage campaign performance.

The ads that appear in Google Maps and on search results in the map section are facilitated through Google Ads using Ad Extensions. There are some caveats including needing your Google My Business to be established (and highly recommended to keep up to date) and with an active search campaign running. Note that currently it is not possible to target only maps independently of search and it is not possible to show an ad on maps every single time. Google will determine when your ad is relevant and eligible to display in google maps but we will ensure all steps are taken to give opportunity for Google to show our Ads in maps if this is one of your campaign goals.

Yes click fraud happens and whether it’s because of competition, bots or malware, Google have measures in place to minimise this and are quite good at it. However it is important to mention that if an ad is clicked on manually, it will be treated as a normal click. Click Fraud Prevention Software

For further protection, our customers can have the added protection of ArmorClick. ArmorClick is an online Click Fraud Prevention Software which integrates with your Google Ads campaign to add further protection to your campaigns.

Our Clients get free protection from ArmorClick when signing for at least 6 month.

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