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Advantages for Schools and Academies

At Relevant Audience, we promote your school, (private, international) or your academy at the right time in the right place, when and where parents are most likely to be looking to enroll their loved ones. With our in-depth data-driven approach we can guarantee to turn the data into insights that will help you identify your targeted audience, and develop your website as well as branding recognition towards developing their interest in your educational institute.

Identify your Audience

We will help you create parents profile, defined geographically based on where they live, work, vacation or do business, and conduct market research to find out who is most likely to have children in the age bracket of your school or academy. Therefore helping you develop an effective education marketing strategy!

Right Location Targeting

By accurately targeting the location of your potential customers (parents and pupils), we will help you focus your advertising strategy on social media, video and Google Ads in areas (cities, states, countries) where you’ll find the individuals interested in your educational institute. Thus avoiding a waste of time and expenses!

Data-Driven Marketing

In our quest to provide you with the most reliable information, we base all our decisions and actions on in-depth data analysis and resolute interpretation. This data-driven marketing strategy allows us to track and organize the acquired knowledge with the ultimate goal of placing your education institution right where it belongs.

Custom Data Insights

We will help you import and join data in ways that make sense to you and turn them into insights that are obtained by analyzing them specifically to understand your distinct educational institute situation, which in turn can be used to make better and customized marketing decisions for your specific school or academy.


Our branding team will help you plan the best program for your school or academy marketing strategy. We will help you design and manage a branding approach that combines ads on social media and Thai video, as well as other forms of promotion such as being seen by key influencer leaders (KOL) followers.

School Website Development

We can also help with the development of your School Website by ensuring that it does not just look good, but also that your visitors can enjoy a smooth and fast experience. A site that is a step away from your competition, well optimized (SEO friendly), and with landing pages that bring leads and convert into transactions.

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