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Digital Marketing for Tourism Companies

Advantages for Tourism Companies

With its data-driven marketing strategy, Relevant Audience has the expertise, analytics skills and the appropriate tools to help identify the right market (niche) for your tourism marketing campaign. We can carry in-depth research into your product, study traveler trends, conduct seasonality analysis and provide guidance for a successful e-commerce implementation as well as an effective branding campaign.

Product Research

Product research is a vital part of a successful tourism marketing strategy. At every stage of the process, research can help you recognize important issues and avoid costly mistakes. Initial product analysis can be used to assess new projects and enables you to match the traveler needs.

Traveler Trends

In the tourism industry, the real challenge is to find current travel trends. We determine traveler trends by taking advantage of the industry research and trends reports, by regularly following publications and influencers in the industry, and by the use of different tools and analytics systems to identify the direction trends are heading.

Data Driven Marketing

We use a “data-driven” method in all choices regarding services offered to all tourism agencies working with us. We don’t guess! All our strategic moves are based on in-depth data analysis and judgment. This system allows us to track and organize the data with the goal of better serving you.

Seasonality Analysis

Seasonality, with all its variants – weather, time of the year, region, vacation, holidays, etc-, is one of the most frequently used analytical data to refine the accuracy of demand forecasts in the tourism industry. With our expertise and analytics skills, we can help you conduct a very accurate seasonality analysis.

E-Commerce Implementation

We can help you set an e-commerce marketing strategy to attract prospective customers to your tourism agency through search, shopping cart, and effective In-Market campaigns, and to re-engage your non-shoppers through dynamic remarketing while increasing your conversion rate.


Our branding specialists will help you plan the best approach for your tourism marketing strategy. We will help you design and manage a branding drive that combines ads on social media and Thai video, and other forms of promotion such as KOL’s while providing in-depth analysis and general marketing expertise.

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