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Video Advertising in Thailand


Video advertising in Thailand

Whether you want your Video Ads to be seen countrywide or only in a specific region, such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Relevant Audience can help you effectively pinpoint and target your potential customers accurately, thus making sure you reach the right crowd, positively boosting your brand.

We, at Relevant Audience, handle quality pre-roll video ads only. These skippable and non-skippable pre-roll videos, which are promotional video messages that play before the content the user has selected, usually run between 15-30 seconds and are highly recommended, being recognized as the most efficient way to advertise your product.

Our unique contractual arrangements with top class video websites in Thailand enables us to guarantee that your ads will be shown daily on the most influential video publishers in the country, to a wide audience of more than 20 million viewers, making it much more efficient than Youtube and Facebook ads videos.

* Also available, at Relevant Audience, are YouTube Trueview Ads and Outstream Ads for mobile. You can ask for other video formats and channels, also we produce professional video ads for your business.

Show your video ads on the main video publishers in Thailand. We can produce your video ad in a professional and affordable way, perfect for YouTube ads (TrueView ads) and Facebook ads


unique users reached on daily basis with pre-roll video ads.

Relevant Thai Video ads

We serve pre-roll video ads only, the most effective form of video ads that last between 15-30 seconds

Brand lift

Effective video ads with a survey to measure the Brand lift

Video Production

Effective video production of your business in Thailand to promote on Facebook Ads, Instagram or any place in the web.

Everything is measurable

We track when the video is viewed, clicked, skipped etc..

Audience Targeting

Your video ads will be shown to the right audience.


Better user experience with the skip button on your ads


Your consumers are in Bangkok and Chiang Mai only? Your ads will be targeted only to these locations.

Assigned Account Manager

We like to talk with our clients and receive their feedback, communication is vital for our mutual success! You will get a person assigned to you.


Reaching the right audience in the right way will boost your brand

Visibility in other Channels

We also set you in YouTube Trueview ads or in Outstream for mobile. Ask for other video formats and channels

Performance Focus Video

Any video production will be done to match the channel and your product or service audience!

Relevant Thai Video ads
Set your video ads in any device.




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