Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your COVID-19 Situation from Our Real Case Studies

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Under the catastrophic impacts of Covid-19, it is not only front-line physicians who must compete with time and all kinds of uncertainties to help their patients but also marketers around the world trying to figure out what is happening and how to help their clients, who came across more and more as ‘patients’ every second, navigate their ‘stricken’ business amidst the pandemic crisis.

The marketeers of digital marketing agencies, in particular, have faced tough work, as more businesses made a full transition into digital channels and expected more than ever the marketing strategies that would help them ease the acute pain as fast as possible.

For months, our specialists have worked tirelessly to help both our existing and new clients to stay afloat and, for some, even thrive despite all odds. For the public benefits, it’s now time to share our insights gathered from February until now. Given the pandemic scale, we don’t think it will be just some fleeting trends but proven long-term strategies, for real.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

As physical stores are closed and all business activities are online, how businesses and consumers shall find each other is but through a search engine system. Using SEM such as Google Adwords to help a client appear instantly on Google’s first page with strategic targeting, our SEM specialists found tremendous success in bringing our stricken patients alive again.

Using a Google Ads campaign with strategic targeting, our SEM specialist can help, for example, one client, an online learning platform, to achieve considerable sales and enormous growth within a month.

Social PPC – Social Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Like SEM but not on a search engine page but rather across a specific social media platform such as Facebook, Social Pay-Per-Click advertising (Social PPC) helps you appear often on a target’s social timeline and encourages him or her to ‘click’ your profile for more information and/or buying instantly your products/services.

Just a week ago, our social PPC specialist has just launched a Facebook Ads campaign for one cline, a cruise provider, and within just a day, a flood of consumers appears in their inbox, leading to sales after-sales.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Another proven online marketing amidst the pandemic crisis is, of course, SEO. A certain digital marketing agency may advise against this idea since SEO success usually takes time and a client’s budget can run out before that happens. At Relevant Audience, a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, however, we did not rule out that option entirely but rather keep it as always the best option for a business whose website and overall outlook can achieve SEO success within a short period of time.

That means, of course, an SEO audit must be conducted first, and we did that seriously to determine the most suitable path for our clients.

One of our accomplishments has been with a company selling pet foods who, with our SEO practice, can achieve a traffic increase of 91.57% within a month. The success began, of course, with the business’ initial favorable website performance and configuration, but with our SEO practice, the success became a remarkable, long-term one.


It is important for businesses to be aware that consumer behaviors are now in a transformation period. People are not simply forced to go online; they are forming their new online habits that can last even after the pandemic, and among all the digital marketing strategies, SEO, SEM and Social PPC can all be your ultimate tools, short-term relief and even long-term tactics.

But as each option can produce a different outcome and responds to a different purpose, it is important that you consult a digital marketing agency first before taking any steps to find out which tactics suits you most.

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