How to Open a LINE Business Account

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In the realm of messaging apps, LINE reigns supreme in Thailand and across much of Southeast Asia. With approximately 77% market penetration among Thai internet users and  54 million active users across the region, it has become the go-to communication platform for businesses looking to connect with customers in a modern, mobile-centric manner. But simply […]

Should Advertisers in Thailand be Concerned About Automation?


The rapid rise of artificial intelligence and automation is shaking up industries across the globe – and advertising is nowhere near immune. From AI-powered ad platforms to automated campaign optimization and content generation, it’s clear that machine learning has officially arrived on the digital marketing scene. For advertisers here in Thailand, these seismic technological shifts […]

Be Quiet & Listen: Why Your Brand Should Use Social Listening

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The simple act of listening may seem unusual in business today. With multiple channels for brands to constantly broadcast their marketing messages, there’s an undeniable compulsion to always be talking, promoting, selling. But what if we told you the smartest brands have started turning that dynamic on its head? That by investing in earnest listening […]

How to Use Instagram Analytics for Business Growth

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Ever wondered what your audience really thinks about your Instagram content? Or which of your posts are truly driving engagement and interest? If you’re running an Instagram account for your business, the answers could be hugely valuable.  Luckily, Instagram provides a powerful analytics tool to give you those insights and more. By taking a deep […]

Explaining Digital Marketing Metrics

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In today’s data-driven world of digital marketing, numbers reign supreme. But are you truly fluent in the language of metrics and KPIs? Or do you sometimes feel lost with all the acronyms like CTR, CPC, and CVR? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you’ve felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the different digital […]