Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review

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Is this premium managed hosting solution worth it?

Kinsta is a cloud-based hosting solution that provides fully-managed WordPress site packages that include a range of server options and optimization choices that have made it a market leader in its field. It regularly outperforms the competition in third-party performance tests, and, as it is a fully-managed service, it makes it accessible to any type of business, no matter how small.

Kinsta has found its niche, as its services are exclusively managed WordPress hosting packages that focus on a high level of customer service, and Google Cloud powers the platform. They make the best use of Google’s considerable infrastructure and prioritize making it more accessible and more straightforward for a range of audiences. Kinsta doesn’t use the traditional cPanel/WHM interface; instead, it has created a custom panel for its users that place emphasis on the most critical aspects while hiding other parts of the interface to simplify.

An added benefit is that Kinsta uses Cloudflare solutions to avert DDoS attacks and support its boutique fully-managed hosting experience; all Kinsta packages come with free Cloudflare integration.

Customer support and setup

Kinsta provides a 24/7 chat service and standard ticket support. Their customer team has a good knowledge of WordPress and can assist with a wide range of issues that its users might need support.

The streamlined cPanel/WHM user interface also reduces the need to contact support so often, as many aspects of the platform are self-service.

As Kinsta designed its interface with its projected users in mind, it is user-friendly. This helps make the signup process simple and straightforward. There are some technical configurations; however, it is comparatively more accessible than some other managed WordPress hosting solutions.

As they have a sole focus on WordPress and offer simple plans, this supports a smoother onboarding process for the user.


Google confirms page speed to be a ranking factor for its search results, especially since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update, therefore, page speed directly impacts SEO. Moreover, as the definition of page speed is the amount of time it takes for a web page to load, this has a direct correlation on user experience and users’ engagement with your website, which impact the number of conversions the website is likely to generate.

 Hosting services these days provide a multitude of options to users, but the primary purpose of a hosting server is to serve your website content files when someone makes a request. The main function needed to do this efficiently is to serve the website files quickly to users.

With attention spans decreasing and the number of devices and options available to consumers increasing, speed is increasingly important for a solid customer engagement service. Many technical factors can impact your website’s speed; however, the primary purpose of the hosting provider is to get those website files to the visitor’s browser quickly and efficiently.

As Kinsta uses the power of Google’s servers to drive its service, it has been speed and efficiency; this is the same technology used to power and Kinsta also offers server-side caching to help your WordPress website run even more efficiently. 


Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform, which means that it is leveraging some of the best technology available. Moreover, it takes this a step further by simplifying the interface for its users so that you can focus on what is most important to optimize for your website. If you need any support, Kinsta’s customer support is ready to lend a hand.

It is a reliable service that can handle significant increases in website traffic. It also provides excellent security features with smart backup solutions.

It offers a transparent and first-rate service in relation to its server parameters, committed performance, and bandwidth metrics.

Kinsta is a boutique, fully-managed WordPress hosting solution, which means its costs are slightly higher than others.

If your website is one of the core parts of your business, where people go to purchase or make a booking, for example, if you run an eCommerce website or a hotel, you might consider the relative value of having a more premium hosting solution. If you have more budget available than some of the most affordable WordPress hosting solutions but do not need to have your own dedicated server, which is certainly costlier, we recommend that you consider Kinsta as an option.

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