How SEO creates business value over time

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A look at some of the reasons why SEO is an excellent investment for your brand

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not like other forms of promotion, such as search engine marketing (SEM), which can almost instantly lead to growth and a demonstration of results for your business. These are also important for any balanced marketing plan; however, SEO can yield fantastic and long-lasting results over time with a suitable investment and the right team.

What is SEO?

There is often a great deal of mystery concerning SEO; terms such as “black hat” and “white hat” (even “grey hat”) only add to this wizardry.

In straightforward terms, SEO refers to the process of enhancing your website to improve its visibility when users look for products or services that are relevant to your brand on search engines such as Google and Bing. The more visibility your web pages have in the search results, the better the chance you have to attract the searchers’ attention and draw in potential and existing customers to your website to present your business offer.

Using SEO strategies can increase your chances of being visible to the right people at the right time. Below are some examples:

  • Researching keywords
  • Optimizing and preparing SEO-friendly content
  • Improving web design and user experience
  • Building website links
  • Analyzing search intent and customer queries

Some key benefits of SEO

The range of costs related to SEO can be broad; however, even a small investment in improving your website’s performance, content, and user experience can make a difference over time and benefit your business in the long term.

SEO will always benefit growing the online presence of your brand and is an excellent investment because people are always searching for ways to solve new problems, for example, looking for new places to go, searching for new things to do, or even looking for solutions to everyday problems such as how to fix something at home. Never before have we had so much power available to us that within a few seconds we can find what we are looking for online; this represents a great opportunity for your brand to be there at that moment and to connect with new customers.

Did you know that 93% of online sessions begin with someone searching for a keyword on a search engine, and around 20% of keywords searched on Google daily have never been searched for before?

Search is not getting old; it is evolving and growing.

Because SEO will support your brand in ranking higher in the search results, more people looking for solutions related to your products will find your brand, which will result in increased quality traffic to your website to support your business growth in the long term.

This will help build your brand recognition, awareness, and trustworthiness by building or growing a loyal customer following who will keep coming back to your business and who can help you find new customers in the process by being your brand advocates.

Along with serving the broader population, SEO can help make websites easier to navigate and improve their accessibility, which is essential for disabled people.


If you are looking to market your products and services online, effective SEO is an indispensable digital marketing strategy that will increase your online presence and boost your chance of driving sales.

Many of us are already familiar with the adage, “Anything worth having is hard or requires work”. This saying is also true for SEO.

To be competitive online today, it is essential to consider many aspects of your website. For example, it is equally important that a page loads quickly, that making a payment on your website is secure, and your pages serve both relevant and helpful content.

Being competitive in the search results will not just happen by chance or for free. In order to be successful, a reasonable investment in terms of time and resources should be allocated to SEO, just as they often are with other items in the marketing plan.

Sustainable growth in organic traffic can lay the foundation for any type of business to succeed as it allows your brand to convert this traffic into real business value, such as generating new leads and supporting customer acquisition.

Investing in SEO investments will always be worth as long as people search online for information, products, and services to help them solve problems. Through effective SEO, your business has the chance to be at the top of potential new customers’ consideration lists.  

It is important to remember that SEO’s return on investment (ROI) is not instant; it gains over time and does not rely on other channels. Effective SEO can deliver results even when there is no ad budget (or can, in the long-term, save your business from investing so much in advertising).

If you have any questions about how to do SEO that delivers impact, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information.

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