The hell with a keywordless inferno managed by an evil AI is closer guys!

Same-meaning close variants coming to phrase match and broad match modifiers in Google Ads

The day of tidy keyword accounts, in the past with a most extended use of exact match as main match type to go, is over. 

All started last year, just right after the summer, when Google decide to solve our lack of time to find new terms adding “same-meaning close variants to exact match terms”. This brought mayhem for OCD keyword freaks who likes to have all keywords grouped under one unique roof, with a tailored ad and landing page, and all of us were checking the Search Term reports looking for the evil new terms to appear.

The previous change made for example keywords like [yosemite camping] match queries including campsites in Yosemite, Yosemite campground, Yosemite national park camping.

Then, many of us panicked and start to prioritize phrase match and broad match modifier keywords as a more exact way of reaching only the queries we want to be found for.

We knew it was coming, we knew that our efforts might be in vain and finally same-meaning is extended to phrase and broad match modifier keywords.

15% of the queries in Google on daily basis are new and blah blah blah, this will help us to reach new terms blah blah blah, ROI will improve, you know what was coming, more blah.

Phrase keywords like “lawn mowing service” will match queries like “local lawn cutting services”.

Same-meaning close variants coming to phrase match and broad match modifiers in Google Ads
Same-meaning close variants coming to phrase match and broad match modifiers in Google Ads

Google mention we should expect a 3%-4% increase on clicks! More money for google or more value and increase on conversions for the final client?

Also, they will avoid the competition among our keywords in the account for the queries.

Definitely we will see new terms we might have missed or new trends and as a good PPC Account manager you will add them in separate ad groups/campaigns to be able to bid on them.

The article of google announcing this has these main paragraphs in bold:

More, relevant traffic with broad match modifier ?????

More, relevant traffic with phrase match ??????

Maintain control and flexibility????????

Now we cross fingers because we are losing control and the relevancy of the traffic it is now totally on Google AI cybernetic hands, meaning we are just trusting them to “Do the right thing”, to take care of our approach on search ads.

Now more than ever, negatives are one of the main ways to grab our accounts by the horns, check your search term reports more often. I hope negatives are not in the roadmap of google ads.

The rollout of this change is expected to happen in the following weeks and done prioritized by language.

As a Google partner, we can help you to understand and work out on this transition with your google ads account. Contact us at anytime!

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