How to increase engagement on Instagram


How to increase engagement on Instagram in 2022: top 8 tips to crack the ‘gram

“Not sure how to boost your Instagram engagement? Here are some efficient tricks to make Instagram work for your business.”

Instagram and its creator’s world are here to stay. As per Economist, social media and the creator’s economy are the way of the future. The question is how to make your brand’s presence visible on the giant platform? Here are the top 8 ways to achieve that.

Find your brand voice and create a brand personality

Social media is not just a means to boost your top funnel audience but a window to showcase your products or services, but also a platform for potential buyers to know the brand closely. Use Instagram to create the right voice representing your brand and its mission, vision, and goals. 

Build a brand personality, show behind-the-scenes in stories, share personal information, and bring out the human touch on the screen, which the audience would prefer to engage and connect with.

Create relatable and funny posts/ memes

People come to Instagram primarily for entertainment and connect. Create posts and memes that pulses with your target audience to get an increased engagement and share. Use funny memes or informational posts to educate and entertain your viewers and gain their attention. You can even use and reshare a popular meme (with due credits and permissions).

Reel it

Reels are one of the latest and most popular tools rolled out by the social media giant, and since it is still new, you get a higher organic view on reels than any post. Utilize the tool to showcase your products, “how-to” reels, “Tips to” reels, or even customer reviews. Reels get greater attention, engagement, and more visibility on social media. Get creative and get reel-ing.

Clear CTA

Be it an informative or entertaining post, make sure you add a suitable Call to Action at the end to guide users to the end goal. An engaging CTA does not necessarily mean asking for followers or likes. Any prompt that encourages users to participate is a compelling CTA. You can end your caption with a question or ask for any advice or tips, something that makes the audience comment, react, and respond to the post.

Instagram stories stickers

Use stickers in Instagram stories to interact and connect with your audience. One of the most popular stickers is AMA (ask me anything), where your audience can ask anything about the brand or business. It is a great way to engage with the audience as they feel like a part of the brand. 

You can use stickers to conduct polls in the stories, which is also a great way to generate user-generated data. Use the results from the polls to lay the road map for future content planning.

Host Giveaways

Giveaways are always in-game; who wouldn’t want free goodies. Plan an appealing giveaway around the festive or holiday shopping times and bring more audience to your account. Giveaways or contests prizes are an intelligent way to engage not just existing audiences but also attract and engage the future audience. 

Collabs with influencers and other brands on reels

Join an influencer or another brand to collaborate and create enticing reels showcasing products from one or both brands. A collab reel not only adds a novelty to the existing feed but also increases the audiences for both the brands, which means a more extensive reach.

You can co-create the post, and it appears on the feed of both your audiences. It means you can share the views, likes, comments and engage each other’s audience.

You can also host a collab giveaway with another account/ brand. This will help both the brands leverage each other’s communities and expand your base audience. 

Answer more than just a question: address an emotion

Emotional awareness is on an upward trend, and people like it when a post or a brand tries to connect on an emotional level. Connect at a deeper level, ask the right questions, and share examples about users’ feelings and emotions to bond with the audience before asking them to convert. Try and stick to happier and positive emotions (unless you are an expert who can talk about other emotions).

Use these easy Instagram tips and see your engagement boost!

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