Google’s New Gallery Ad Format, How Does It Work?


Google is known for rapidly overhauling and innovating its advertising platforms and the latest product
of theirs to receive this treatment are Google’s Gallery Ads. Gallery Ads are advertisements for business
and services that operate in a similar way to their Adwords platform except that the ads also contain an
image to help the user display their product or service in the best light to potential customers. They
function in a similar way to Facebook’s “Carousel” format of image ads in which the user can swipe back
and forth between different images.

This will allow advertisers to visually represent their products through high-quality images of their
products. However, they will not just consist of pictures but also up to three headlines in a similar style
to expanded image ads and will be able to utilize “taglines” unique to each product or image with the
headline always coming above the image and tagline. Unlike regular text ads (in which up to four can be
displayed to a user at any one time) gallery ads will not stack, meaning that they will only show the top
placing ads above any text-based ads. This will likely lead to a far more competitive, quality driven
environment amongst advertisers.
The potential scope for Google Gallery ads is nevertheless vast, combining the strengths of both imagery
and convincing ad copy to ensure that you have the best possible chance of converting viewers looking
for your products or services. Add to this the vast array of industries whose products are more suited to
a visual medium and this adds up to Google’s Gallery Ads being a strong format for future advertisers in
certain sectors.

Industries Set to Benefit From Google’s New Gallery Ads

As we discussed in our previous article regarding Google’s new Gallery ads, there are a few industries
that will want to leverage this new ad format in order to drive more conversion using high-quality
images. So let’s take a look at three of them in closer detail.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and in the case of tourism advertising, this is most certainly
the case. A verbal or written description of a location or accommodation can only do so much to
advertise its worth to potential visitors, whereas an image can instantly convey the quality and positive
features of what you are advertising. Whether it is the stunning view from your beachside bar or the
immaculate bathrooms in your hotel’s suites, an image will do it far more justice than mere words alone
and it will be worth your time to invest in this new format.

2. Real Estate
When people are looking to invest heavily into something as costly as a new property or rental,
sometimes written descriptions are definitely not enough on their own. What Real Estate agents need is
a way to advertise which not only allows them to merely describe the property to potential investors but
to also show them. Real Estate is a heavily visually focused industry where first impressions really do
matter, and Googles new Gallery Ads give agents the ability to set the perfect first impression.

3. Clothing
Clothing retailers and manufacturers will definitely be able to benefit from Googles new Gallery Ads
through leveraging peoples habit of impulse buying clothes that visually appeal to them. Whereas
before this industry would have to use text ads to attract prospective customers to their own platform,
they can now directly advertise individual products that are most likely to attract and convert new

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