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Google makes vertical changes to Responsive Display Ads to create a better mobile experience

Responsive Display Ads (RDAs), a popular form of automated display ad, will experience a dramatic transition in the second part of this year. RDAs have been the default display option since 2018, and these new changes are aimed to provide advertisers with a more robust mobile offering.

What are Responsive Display Ads (RDAs)?

RDAs are part of Google’s Smart Creative solutions. They are similar to Responsive Search Ads, giving advertisers the ability to upload assets (such as headlines, descriptions, images, and logos). Google will alternate and optimize the ads based on expected ad performance. Starting in 2018, Responsive Display Ads became the default ad format used in display campaigns in Google Ads.

Key benefits of Responsive Display Ads (RDAs)

Responsive display ads are a way for advertisers to optimize their advertising strategies further. Below are some of the key benefits of making use of display advertising using RDAs:

Optimize your ads

Google’s advanced advertisement learning in relation to users’ responses to ads and related assets enables Google to optimize your ads by comparing various combinations of your assets to show the most effective ad for your display campaign.

Save resources

As the process is somewhat automated, Google Ads does the work for you in relation to managing ad groups and campaigns, so, even though it is a good idea to monitor your ad campaigns of course, you will not need to spend so much of your time managing them.

What has changed with Responsive Display Ads (RDAs)?

RDAs are currently in the phase of a significant transformation; below are some of the features that will be impacted:

Portrait photos and videos can now be used

RDAs benefit from being flexible with the ability to stretch pictures to make them suitable to display on mobile screens; however, to take this forward, Google will allow portrait photos and videos to be used.

Before, in order to set up a mobile ad, it was necessary to use a landscape or square image, with machine learning doing the rest of the work. With this latest enhancement, marketers now have more flexibility in relation to their mobile design, which is an added benefit.

Auto-generated vertical video

If you are an advertiser who does not have vertical videos on hand, Google may now assist you in creating such assets for your RDAs. Google is utilizing machine learning to generate vertical video advertisements using current materials.

Google utilizes “machine learning to accelerate the design and iteration process, allowing you to generate compelling display advertising faster than ever before”.

Suppose you have strict branding or brand requirements in relation to advertising. In that case, you may benefit from taking steps to view a few automated vertical videos prior to testing due to some advertisers not being satisfied with the auto-generated videos in Performance Max campaigns.

Image uncropping driven by machine learning

The “uncrop” photographs functions using machine learning is another new feature coming to RDAs. Google states that the “automatic enhancement helps your items shine by elegantly extending to cover the available area”.


Google stated that advertisers should see “2X more conversions, on average, when adding a responsive display ad to an ad group with a static display ad.” The added image size and vertical video support should allow advertisers to craft more tailored messaging according to users’ devices.

Moreover, the filterable added creative inspiration center is a handy resource for advertisers looking for inspiration for their designs. Finally, uncropping images should give advertisers more support with various image sizes amongst their ad groups. These new Google Ad tools should present more opportunities and add an extra string to the advertiser’s bows.

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