Changes to Google Ads reporting dashboard

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Google Ads launches manager account-level reporting

Google Ads recently announced that advertisers are now able to use dashboards at the manager account level. The inclusion of manager account-level (MCC) dashboard reporting within Google Ads is a positive addition for Google advertisers as it makes managing the account view a bit easier by providing streamlined reporting dashboards for all your Google Ad accounts in one, simple view. Learn how to use the new dashboards to your advantage and more about Google Ads manager by reading on below.

What is a Google Ads manager account?

A Google Ads manager account (previously called My Client Center or MCC) is a Google product that provides a way to control multiple individual Google Ads accounts.

It is possible to use a manager account to view high-level data for multiple linked Google accounts, set and manage shared ad budgets and goals, and easily access multiple accounts from one login.

As it was designed by Google, it is considered to be one of the most effective ways to manage multiple Google Ad accounts.

Other benefits of the manager account include:

  • Consolidated billing
  • Cross-account conversion tracking
  • Shared negative keyword lists
  • Automated rules
  • Placement exclusion lists

What has changed?

With this new feature, it is now possible to make use of the dashboards tool at the manager account level.

 In order to access the new reports dashboard, navigate to the reports menu of your Google Ads manager account and select the Dashboards section to view and set up. Once you get to this section, you will be able to view dashboards that have already been set up, along with having the option to make a new dashboard, and the choice to open Google’s sample dashboard, which can provide a useful visual if you are new to dashboards or are looking for a refresher.

Together with the manager account-level viewability of the dashboard, Google Ads has updated and enhanced some other key features that are present in the dashboard.

These enhancements were created to make the dashboards easier and quicker to view; they include the following:

  • Adjust date ranges and make changes to dashboard filters
  • Supplement conditional formatting, rich formatting tools, and interactive table cards
  • Download reports more quickly and with enhanced quality
  • Resize dashboard cards and adjust layouts dynamically
  • Make a dashboard card by moving over data from existing reports


The new manager accounts dashboard is now available to all advertisers. Once you have set up individual account dashboards, you can go ahead and replicate those views at the account level.

In case you are creating any new dashboards, it is now good practice to look into ways you can integrate the particular metrics that are most useful for the dashboard views that you are making. It is possible to create multiple dashboards that cover different sets of people and comprise the data that is most relevant to those groups of people.

Until this time, Google Ads manager account dashboards were only able to display data from individual accounts. The time spent switching between different ad accounts to analyze performance clearly added up and took time away from more high-value tasks. Another concern with a more limited individual account view was that it made it challenging for advertisers to identify issues and areas to improve seamlessly.

The change to display data from across accounts with manager account dashboards is designed to make it easier for advertisers to identify problems and opportunities across multiple Google Ad accounts with a higher-level view. This dashboard will benefit a range of marketers, for example, advertisers who are responsible for managing paid accounts for franchises, as it provides a high-level, aggregate view of your Google Ads performance, expenses, and related key metrics.

Adding the ability to monitor and analyze detailed metrics at the manager account level is a very handy feature for advertisers.

If you have any questions related to Google Ads or how to get the best from your reporting, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information

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