Google Ads increases the audience targeting and reporting features

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A look into the three changes that are coming to Google Ads audience features

Google Ads announced that they would be adding three new audience targeting and reporting features to the platform. It is important to keep on top of Google’s latest changes, as they can sometimes impact your campaigns or present new advertising opportunities.

It is essential to allocate your digital marketing budget to channels that deliver the best return on investment (ROI). This is why it is critical to keep up to date with the latest Google Ads changes.

These updates are not as radical as some other Google Ad updates; however, they should still be noted as they may be particularly pertinent to your advertising process. Below is a summary of these features:

Reusing audiences

Advertisers now have the ability to reuse audiences across campaign types within Google Ads. Google shared that when building an audience for the purpose of using it in a campaign, you will now be able to save the audience for future use and reuse the next time you set up a new campaign. This feature has been added to Performance Max and will soon be available in Discovery, Video Action, and App campaigns.

New and enhanced audience reporting

Audience reporting now has an enhanced, simplified view. The changes mean that Google Ads has consolidated the detailed reporting into one audience tab across demographics, audience segments, and exclusions. You can view this new Audience tab from the left page navigation menu.

Another minor update in reporting relates to audience type name changes in the Google Ads audience reports and console section. One example is that “audience types” are now called “audience segments.” Moreover, the label that was previously “Remarketing” is now labelled as “your data.”


The great thing (and sometimes frustrating thing) about Google Ads is that it continues to evolve. The updates usually offer advertisers new and innovative ways to attract more people searching for keywords related to their brand to visit their website. 

Google is unmatched in terms of search, so considering the authority it has, keeping up to date with the latest Google Ads updates will benefit your advertising campaign results.

In terms of this update, in place of rebuilding audiences each time for every campaign, the new Google Ad feature allows advertisers to reuse audiences which will save time and give more capacity to maintain consistency across multiple campaigns. This is likely to be a similar experience to how custom segments behave at the moment; in this case, if an audience is created, it can be applied to any ad campaign rather than manually checking off different types in each campaign. Changes to the audience segments will in turn be spread across all campaigns that are targeting that audience segment.

If you have any questions about Google Ads and how to optimize your campaigns, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information.

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