Facebook brand Awareness Ad Campaigns: What You Need to Know

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How to create a successful Facebook brand awareness campaign

Advertising on Facebook can be an effective channel to support your company’s growth. Still, it is also essential to consider the various campaign objectives available to align with your business goals. Many ad campaigns are set up or optimized with the goal of generating sales and leads in the short term, whereas brand awareness campaigns focus on building the public perception of a given brand.

Under the right conditions, Facebook is an effective tool to deliver short-term advertising results, such as sales and leads, but brand awareness can be an important goal as it focuses on the long term.

What is a brand awareness campaign?

Brand awareness is a notion in marketing that measures a person’s overall awareness of a specific brand.

Facebook brand awareness campaigns are based on the principle of how much time the target audience is spending looking at the ads in the campaign. Facebook can assess which people are most likely to recall seeing your ad campaign by analyzing these metrics. This data gathered from Facebook brand awareness ads and learning about your target audience can support your brand in optimizing future Facebook ads.

Businesses can choose to use Facebook ads for brand awareness to maintain engagement with the target audience.

Brand awareness campaigns are typically where impression numbers are high, but measurable attribution is often low. In a world where tangible results are expected quickly, this can make performance marketers feel uncomfortable as it is sometimes tricky to justify the ad spend and other resources.

Even though brand awareness ads do not necessarily sell, they are designed to lead people into your Facebook marketing funnel, and despite top-of-funnel campaigns not always increasing leads or driving sales directly, they can still play an integral role in any measured digital marketing strategy.

How to know if a brand awareness campaign is successful

Brand awareness can be challenging to measure; however, there are ways to assess the impact of a particular ad campaign. To support this process, Facebook automatically generates polls with questions about your brand and if they have seen your ads; however, this comes into effect only if your audience size is large enough. Polls are then shared with your target audience to monitor the ad recall lift rate. The lift rate is calculated using this data by dividing the total positive responses made in the polls by the total number of people who saw your Facebook ad. The results can be seen in the reporting section of your ad account. To identify the cost per lift in terms of the brand, Facebook estimates the number of people who in real life would remember seeing your ad if asked. This metric, therefore, gives a reasonably accurate impression of the brand awareness of your ads.

Brand awareness ads are not related to spikes in traffic, increases in conversions, or revenue jumps. Therefore, accounting for the success factors of brand awareness is very challenging. Even so, tracking lift as a metric is important. A good way to look at lift is that it is an individual’s relationship with your brand. When looking at it in this way, having the ability to calculate even some of a campaign’s ad recall lift rate can, in some cases, present more meaningful data than comparable increases in clicks, CTR, or other types of performance marketing metrics. If people remember your ad in a positive light, this directly benefits your business.

Brand awareness marketing campaigns are important to all companies. If they did not exist, there arguably would not be a compelling reason to do Bottom of Funnel Marketing. Brand awareness ads lay the foundation of who your brand is and what audiences will connect with your brand’s story at the core. As this is often the channel or means that brands use to introduce themselves to new target audiences, extra care should be taken when preparing for a brand awareness campaign to capture their attention with an unforgettable story and authentic message. This is your brand’s chance to showcase who you truly are.


Brand awareness campaigns play an important role in familiarizing and explaining your brand to your target audience.

In summary, here are some points to remember:

Select reach as the campaign objective if you are looking for cost-effective impressions and the option to control frequency (number of times the audience sees the ad).

If you aim to serve the ad to audiences Facebook thinks are most likely to remember it, select brand awareness as the objective.

If you are looking to maximize the volume and quality of your video engagement, it would be best to choose video views as the objective.

If you have any questions about Facebook Ads or designing marketing campaigns, please feel free to contact our expert team at info@relevantaudience.com for more information.

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