New Facebook ads and tools for small businesses

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Meta increases the ad formats and tools available for small businesses

Facebook (Meta) is improving its array of tools available to small businesses. These new tools are there to support small businesses with quality lead generation and customer acquisition.

The move comes at the same time as National Small Business Week, with the goal of Meta to make it easier for small businesses to set up full ad campaigns through the WhatsApp Business app. 

Many customers are more comfortable communicating with businesses through messenger apps, so the ads could present a valuable opening to develop customer discovery and dialog. 

As part of the initiative, Meta also included two new features in its Meta Business Suite through the addition of the WhatsApp to Inbox function, which centralizes business communications all in one location.

Already integrated into the Inbox feature are Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct; by adding WhatsApp, Meta aims to support businesses further by saving time through the ability to manage their communications all in one place.

The new functionality is designed to help businesses gain higher-quality leads by looking for new ways to connect with potential customers.

Below is a detailed summary of the two changes:

Messaging and conversation enhancements

Meta recently announced that more than 70% of people want the ability to communicate with businesses through messaging, as they do with friends and family.

This is not new; businesses have already realized the value of messaging customers, and many companies, through websites, for example, have messaging features in place. Businesses that are already using the Whatsapp chat ad format, which opens up a chat, to be an effective way for prospective customers to find and connect with their brand.

By using these insights, Meta is designing ads for Facebook and Instagram that can be created directly through Facebook’s WhatsApp Business app.

Another messaging update relates to the inbox itself. Meta is streamlining its business communications by placing all messaging tools in one easy-to-access inbox.

Currently, the business inbox consists of Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct messages; now, WhatsApp will be added to the business inbox suite.

This enhancement is designed to save businesses in terms of resources, money, and efficiency.

The final aspect of the messaging updates allows businesses to share promotional message ads to audiences directly via the Meta Business Suite. However, they must first opt in to receive this communication.

This product update comes from direct feedback from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as they identified a need to reply more efficiently to customer queries.

The enhanced marketing messages within the Meta Business Suite have the potential to help businesses increase their sales and gain more long-term customers efficiently, as these steps do not involve any learning about any additional tools.

Additional lead generation and customer acquisition features

Meta has shared that it will release a selection of new tools designed to support businesses in generating and managing leads directly through the platform. The new features include:

  • Quote Requests within Instagram
  • Lead filtering through Instant Forms
  • Creative flexibility
  • Gated content functionality
  • Enhanced partner integrations

At this time, the Quote Request feature is in the stage of being tested through selected businesses on Instagram. Principally, the enhancement offers companies the ability to add a “Get Quote” button on their Instagram profile and also on stickers within their Instagram Stories.

Lead filtering will also soon be available for businesses. This update will review the responses to a multiple-choice question, which can be used as a filter for leads that may not present a quality lead.

Meta will also test its Instant Form to add more personalization. Selected businesses will have the ability to test adding visuals and content to their Instant Form, which will provide users with more visual information.

Finally, gated content will also soon be available to small businesses. By setting up gated content, SMBs can serve qualified leads with select resources after completing a Lead Ad form. This move means that the user stays directly on the Facebook platform.


If your brand has found it challenging to leverage Facebook or Instagram previously, and you are a small business, these tools are particularly relevant for your company.

If you have any questions about Facebook Ads or designing advertising campaigns, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information.

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