Digital Marketing is a must for your business (infographic)

Still many old fashion business owners or CEO’s see Digital Marketing as a cost instead of an investment. Unfortunately, they make their business suffer until it is too late and digital transformation of the business requires time and efforts on a crisis time.

People come asking for our services on Digital Advertising in Bangkok with sentences like “Our sales are down last three months, we never did digital advertising and we want to start now, please help us”.  We always advice there is a roadmap to make their any type of digital initiative perform and first step is to collect data! As a data driven agency, run from those agencies who advice you without data or tracking everything on your sales funnel and promise you results from imaginary numbers.

Having managed hundreds of companies in multiple verticals worldwide, we know how to plan your strategy however every product is different, every company, every site and all of these factors affect the success of any digital marketing campaign. Running data and then analyze to take decision on all these factors takes time and your business will still suffering and perhaps your digital marketing budget cancelled.

Starting the digital transformation is something any company must do even when they are doing “ok”, below there are some reasons why on each marketing channel:



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