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On July 2023 Google Analytics Universal will stop working, Hurry Up!

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    What is Google Analytics 4?

    The new reporting tool from Google

    Google Universal Analytics is going away on 1 July 2023.  After this date businesses won’t be able to collect data anymore from Google Analytics, not only this but all the historical data will be deleted after month.

    There are many changes on metrics and integration with Google Tag Manager, you could be missing valuable data for your business or have not accurate data that might lead you to take the wrong decisions.

    The team of experts in Relevant Audience is here to help you with migration and audit.

    Let's check why you need GA4

    Google Analytics 4 Migration

    Migrating into GA4 is not just a copy of settings. There are several differences in the platform, not only visual but on metrics, events, reports and configurations.

    Google Analytics 4 will help you with:

    + Measuring across devices and different marketing channels

    + Predict Customer Behavior

    + New sessions and user concepts

    + Integrate with Google Ads

    + Google Analytics only store 14 months of Data and you will need a data warehousing to store the rest.


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    Why do you need to move to Google Analytics 4?

    Track your important Metrics

    Either leads or revenue from your ecommerce be sure your tracking accurate all the important business decisions

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    Google Universal Analytics will disappear

    Brand credibility is one of the key factors that determine the direction of success, both persuading investors and continuing to sell products or services in the long run.

    Google Analytics 4 focus on privacy

    Privacy-first tracking abilities and AI predictive analytics, in the new world of  data privacy.


    New Metrics

    There are new metrics and some are very useful like the GA4 predictive metrics:

    • Purchase probability
    • Churn probability
    • Revenue prediction

    Connect directly with BigQuery to never lose your Analytics Data.

    GA4 Data will be only accessible during 14 months. Data Warehousing is a must, Relevant Audience will help you with the setup of BigQuery and your GA4.

    You can connect Data Studio for reporting directly from BigQuery.

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    We Focus on Bringing People Most Likely to Buy Your Product / Services Directly to You

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