Improvements to Google shopping ads

Google shopping ads make enhancements to the user experience Google recently announced a notable visual change to its apparel search results, creating a unique combination of Google Ads results and organic listings. If your brand is running shopping ads, you need to be fully aware of this update. The change relates to a new swipeable […]

Updates to Google Lens to make it easier for Chrome users

Google Lens for Chrome will now display results in the same browser tab Google Lens, which is Google’s image recognition software, is becoming easier for users to operate from the Chrome browser on desktop devices. Previously, if you opted to use the Lens function on an image on a website, the browser would open a […]

Google Ads increases the audience targeting and reporting features

A look into the three changes that are coming to Google Ads audience features Google Ads announced that they would be adding three new audience targeting and reporting features to the platform. It is important to keep on top of Google’s latest changes, as they can sometimes impact your campaigns or present new advertising opportunities. […]

What is “good content” and what makes content “great”?

Elements that transform good content into great content, according to Google research What makes for good content? In the creative sense, we could reflect that it is a matter of opinion or personal taste. However, when trying to appeal to a target audience, we should consider if what’s good content for you is also good […]

Content marketing strategies that will support your SEO

How to use content marketing to boost your SEO Content marketing comprises all activities relating to creating and sharing relevant information. Content marketing is fundamental to SEO, and it’s also central to effective branding. Sharing valuable and engaging communication is a productive way to attract a relevant audience and demonstrate your brand’s thought leadership in […]