Ways to engage customers on Valentine’s day


Top 5 ways to engage the customers this Valentine’s Day

“Make sure this shopping fest, your content marketing strategy is fail-proof.”

February: the month of LOVE is here. The month when people go above and beyond to impress their loved ones. It is also the month businesses try to lure customers in every way possible. If you haven’t figured out the content strategy and campaign planning for your brand, take time to go through the latest inclinations in the market and the user behaviors and use that to pan out a strong content and marketing plan to boost your sales this Valentine’s Day.

Brands and companies leave no stone unturned to get their audience’s attention and make every effort to convert them to potential customers. So, how do you make sure your business stands out in this noise? Here are the top 5 marketing tips to get the audience’s attention and engage effectively. 

Learn the latest trends and user interests to gauge the upcoming market trends and demands. Design your product campaign to make the most of the drift in line with these trends. For example, A recent study from Google highlighted that people show more interest in “Self-improvement.” Facebook released a Valentine shopping trends guide that highlights the expected incline in buyer tendencies and indicates key points to focus on when marketing on Facebook Marketplace.

Also, with ease in COVID restrictions, people are more interested in outdoor activities like a date night experience or concert. Planning a strategy keeping an eye on these trends will help tap on the audience’s pulse and better engage.

Right Keywords for your target audience:

Spend time understanding your target audience, their needs, and requirements. Keeping the trends mentioned above from Google and Facebook in mind, search for the keywords that your potential buyers might use. This will help you narrow down the keywords your audience would use as search strings. Instead of working on all the keywords suggested, choose a blend of short-tail and long-tail keywords best suited for your business and focus on them. 

Offers/ promotions

Valentine’s day is a big occasion to attract your audience to convert into customers. Buyers lookout for promotions and discounts while buying to get the right deal. The festive times like Valentine’s Day are perfect to launch promotional offers and deals that are tailor-made to the buyer’s needs and expectations. Use offers and deals to attract customers to your website.

Highlight what stands out: 

Instead of promoting every aspect of your business, highlight what makes you stand out from the crowd and then use that feature to tell your audience how you can address their needs. Customize the campaign around the service/ product that people would look for make that your USP. 

Use infographics and an omnichannel approach

People prefer short, concise information over reading a whole article to understand the product or offer. Use infographics to convey your brand message, products/ services, and offers in a brief yet attractive way. And use the infographics along with other content to promote your brand across most of the popular channels on social media.

Hire the experts:

If you’re unsure what will work and what won’t, don’t beat yourself up. Leave the job to experts. Reach out to us at https://www.relevantaudience.com/

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