Google is always looking after our budget, now after years of data, it looks like accelerated ad delivery is not efficient anymore and on 17 of September Standard ad delivery will be the only option for Google Ads Search and Shopping campaigns. Display and Video campaigns will still have both options.

What is Ad delivery?

Ad delivery set the pace your ads are shown when there are searches on Google, there are “Standard Delivery” and “Accelerated Delivery”. “Standard Delivery” serve your ads up to google and your budget, if your budget is not constrained then it will show as often as queries on Google search, if your budget is limited, then Google decide when to serve the ads along the 24 hours of the day. “Accelerated Delivery” will simply show your ads on Google results every time they are triggered by a query in Google, the downside of this you might end your budget in early stage of the day and not showing it later on when might be chances to also convert.

Historically, Ad Delivery might be one of the most explained topics on any Digital Marketing Agency, Relevant Audience included. Who haven’t received a call of a client saying they can’t see their ads? exactly, all of us working in an agency get the typical client email or call asking for seeing their ads.  

Then they understand, however the proud typical business owner or marketing manager wants to see their adverts all the time and asks to how much need to increment the budget, most of the times they won’t increment their budgets, but when they do they will make our life miserable with other questions at the end of the month, like “ I doubled the budget this month but conversions are not double” etc. need to explain additional budget means generally more optimization work in a young account and doesn’t translate directly in an proportional increment of conversions, more queries are triggered, more keywords suddenly become alive and again we need to educate the client before this happen.

As an agency, leaving the delivery of the ads to Google AI will make things easier for the agency to explain why clients can’t see their ads, ask Google… However, what would happen if the magic of Google doesn’t want to serve ads when budget is not limited? How can we force the machine to serve ads all the time, will they serve it? Will leave the delivery for exactly the best time for our Ad copy to perform?

Another switch is removed from the hands of the savvy marketer, I understand the reasons behind for the SME with no experience in managing Google Ads for Search or Shopping campaigns, “Google will do it right”, but what about for agencies when we are an important part of Google Ads growth, main revenue source of Alphabet, are we going to be transformed to pure sales at some not really far point with less control?

Existing Google Ads campaigns will be switched to Standard Ad delivery on 1 of October, fortunately for us Google can spend up to 2 times our daily budget whenever they decide is better to spend it… Nothing to worry about to spend the whole budget assigned.

If you are in need of a transparent and honest Digital Agency to review and help you with your Search Advertising in Google or any other channel, ping us here at any time!

Source: Google

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