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Ways to engage customers on Valentine’s day

Top 5 ways to engage the customers this Valentine’s Day “Make sure this shopping fest, your content marketing strategy is fail-proof.” February: the month of LOVE is here. The month when people go above and beyond to impress their loved ones. It is also the month businesses try to lure customers in every way possible. […]

How to increase engagement on Instagram

How to increase engagement on Instagram in 2022: top 8 tips to crack the ‘gram “Not sure how to boost your Instagram engagement? Here are some efficient tricks to make Instagram work for your business.” Instagram and its creator’s world are here to stay. As per Economist, social media and the creator’s economy are the […]

Google YOY report

“Insights into the top Google YOY trends that will help you lay your marketing road map for your business” Google’s much-awaited Year-on-Year report is released. The report showcases percentage change in demand, questions, search queries, market trends, and market inclination expected based on those trends over the last year compared to the year before. The […]