Practical web directory techniques that still have value

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Powerful web directory tactics and how to leverage them

Web directories may seem like a thing of the past, an old-school marketing technique, but they do still hold value in digital marketing today, and, if used wisely, they can increase your brand’s visibility and drive traffic to your website.

During the early days of link building, directories played a core role in any respected SEO professional’s toolbox. That was until Google noticed this easy technique of submitting to pretty much any director with a high enough PageRank and penalized such tactics.

Directories are not as useful as in the past for SEO. As the vast majority of people use Google to find businesses, this means that there has been a substantial decrease in traffic from the directory sites. Moreover, in relation to SEO, search engines no longer identify these backlinks from web directories as high-value links now. This means that they have a much smaller impact on ranking compared to the past.

Where does this leave directories these days as an online marketing gizmo?

What’s the status today of directories?

SEOs are forever at the mercy of Google’s latest release and its impact on the algorithm. Links are largely still valuable for search, but not all links are created or viewed equally. Web directory listing links are now known to hold less power and influence than other links, such as a relevant contextual link gained from a high-authority site that belongs in your niche.

However, there is still some SEO value, and they do still retain some small influence as a ranking factor, yet this may not be enough of a reason to focus on them as part of your SEO strategy today.

What value can be gained from web directories?

The key is to think beyond links for web directories; however, they can still be used as a source of traffic in some cases and trust in many cases. Not all web directories are link farms; some highly valuable niche directories may boost your brand image simply by being there.

If your brand has a local presence, it is important to keep hold of local citations, especially as local SEO is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. It is important to maintain NAP Consistency to maximize SEO value, referring to the accuracy of your organization’s business details such as name, address, and phone number across various business listings, local directories, social media networks, and websites. This is broadly viewed as a search ranking factor for local SEO. Your homepage URL is the most essential element of NAP Consistency.

Even so, web directories don’t have much actual SEO value beyond this feature. The real value can be gained from selecting the right directory for your business to enhance the credibility and traffic they drive to your company’s website.

They can play an important role for users searching for detailed information on products or services, adding a level of credibility. Being included in relevant directories can benefit businesses as they can be used to match appropriate services and informs searchers that your brand operates in this area; just be sure to keep your online directory listings up-to-date.

Aside from bringing in referral business, directory listings can provide credibility with reviews and partnerships. People often trust their peers to give genuine feedback about their experiences with products or services. These types of reviews help buyers validate their purchasing decisions and enhance brand trust and reputation.


Directories can still be beneficial and are an important tool for businesses. It is simple to access feedback and provide ratings about a company’s service or products, which makes it easy for potential customers to look your business up to see if it is trustworthy and see what experiences other people have had. It is valuable for companies to use these directories and actively encourage feedback from their customer base to continue to build real business value.

Web directories are beneficial for local businesses as they can improve your online presence and boost your local visibility while building brand awareness and enhancing the discoverability of your business. If used correctly, they can support your efforts to scale your organic growth as they provide organic reach, as long as you select credible, trustworthy platforms.

If you have a physical location, we recommend that you get registered on Google My Business as one of the first steps, as Google is where people will be searching for businesses. Particularly if you are a local business, it is no longer enough only to have the information on your website; if a similar local business has already registered with Google, you could be losing opportunities, as they will be more easily visible than your brand.

If you have any questions related to SEO or how to use web directories, do not hesitate to contact our team at 

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