How to use influencers in the right way for SEO

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Ways to effectively leverage influencers to boost your SEO

If your brand is looking to make a quick win for your business and drive your SEO, influencer marketing can present one of the most efficient methods in terms of increasing reach and engagement while driving traffic and conversions.

Working with influencers has grown in popularity and continues to do so; however, it can be a tricky tactic to execute effectively as there are some challenges to overcome. SEOs and businesses need to plan and navigate carefully to give the best chance that the selected influencers result in improved SEO performance. 

However, if done right, there are opportunities for brands.

One typical way of looking at SEO is to grow links on high-authority sites and drive traffic to your website, which builds your online credibility in the eyes of Google.

Identifying ways to build credibility can produce wins in terms of search engine ranking. When executed correctly, influencer support can help drive this credibility, which will impact your SEO in a good way.

Connect with highly relevant and engaged influencer audience bases

When selecting an influencer, businesses often refer to irrelevant metrics or do not expose the ethos of the influencer or their work. 

One case in point is the Domain Authority (DA) of a website, which may be used if you are searching for an influencer with a website and social media channels. 

However, domain Authority is not a valuable metric to inspect when looking at the influencer’s website. DA is a metric that an SEO service provider invented, and Google does not use it as a ranking factor.

Similarly, opting for an influencer based on their follower number is not a helpful metric to stick to as followers can be easily and cheaply bought; engagement and relevancy are much more valuable in connecting with relevant influencers who also have social authority. One of the first steps is researching what influencers have the most engaged, highly relevant, and reasonably sized audience for your brand.

The audiences’ views on the influencer’s content are essential. The most relevant influencers for your brand s and audience are more valuable than high follower numbers.

You should see if the influencer’s work aligns with your brand values; the impact of their work should be analyzed by looking at their community’s interaction with the influencers’ content to assess if their work has the potential to shape customer views on a particular product or service.

Indicators include the influencer’s audience demographics, size, location, number of tweets, type of content they are creating, brands they are working with, their values, goals, and what topics interest them. Compiling this information is essential in connecting with the right influencers.

Clarify what type of support you are looking for

If you set up a partnership that results in a social mention (for example, on Facebook or LinkedIn) and does not include a link, this will not deliver any SEO value for your business or brand.

Setting clear goals helps you select the type of influencers your brand should work with, which types of content would be best to leverage, and what platforms would be best to distribute the content.

Most social media influencers should have a website or blog and a solid social media presence, so if SEO is your priority, you should focus your efforts on getting the influencer to add your link to all of their online assets. When they add your link, this will boost your website’s social authority and positively impact your search rankings. 

Working with social influencers can be a great way to boost your search ranking by increasing your social popularity. If you choose the right influencer, people relevant to your brand will view and follow influencers they like and trust, so if the influencer mentions your brand and links to your website, this will likely contribute to the results your business is looking for.


Consider the points in this article to build your social authority and boost your search ranking in tandem. When executed effectively, influencer marketing can increase your search ranking, which will place your brand in front of your target. By connecting with high-quality influencers, you will also gain the trust of your target. It does take time and effort to plan and implement influencer marketing, but the results can be impressive.

Influence does not simply relate to high numbers; a relevant audience is an essential factor to consider. You should also monitor the level of engagement in the influencer’s audience base. 

Sometimes, influencers with smaller audiences may generate more attention than an influencer with a large audience base.

Many brands work with influencers today, and it continues to grow. Relevancy and engagement rate are more important metrics than follower numbers in the selection process.

Finally, be sure that you clarify the KPIs when setting up a partnership with an influencer.

 If you have any questions about influencer marketing or SEO, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information.

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