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“Insights into the top Google YOY trends that will help you lay your marketing road map for your business”

Google’s much-awaited Year-on-Year report is released. The report showcases percentage change in demand, questions, search queries, market trends, and market inclination expected based on those trends over the last year compared to the year before. The trends revealed in the report show how the past two years of the pandemic have changed user behaviors and preferences. 

The past year was the second year of the pandemic, and many people made fundamental changes in their lifestyle choices which is reflected in their buying tendencies. Pandemic effects like working from home, self-care, healing, moving cities, accelerated digitization of work, education, and entertainment were the main drivers of this change.

Normalizing post-pandemic life

Although people were more than eager to go out and meet in person, search queries for virtual meets also showed a boost. While users looked for “online dating” and “restaurants near me,” they also showed increased interest in virtual platforms like online gaming, virtual meetings, and birthdays.

This inclination shows that buyers would be keep on both online and offline experiences and be open to a mix of both options in the future. As a business owner or a marketer, use this tip to plan the products, services, and brand visibility for both kinds of markets.

This also means that every venture would be trying to please their audience, and being creative to stand out from that noise is more important than ever.


2020 put all kinds of entertainment into our screens, and virtual means of entertainment saw a big boost. But 2021 was again a mix of offline and online experiences. While people continued to be glued to streaming giants like Netflix, search queries like “outdoor seating near me,” “zoo tickets,” “playgrounds” also saw an uptick.

For a business owner, this shows the future path of user trends that will continue to be an overlap of both worlds. Focus on giving the users an “outdoor” experience if that works for your business, and if it doesn’t, you can go for Augmented reality to bring the two worlds together.

Adopting the finances of the new lifestyle

Pandemic years were challenging for everyone, and people had to make substantial lifestyle changes. This also means a change in their spending patterns and priorities. Searches related to “low budget,” “best car under,” “DIY gifts,” “buy now pay later apps” saw a big jump. 

It also shows that users want to make an informed choice, especially when it comes to their money. Businesses that tackle that need by providing educational content about managing money, finances, savings, etc., will stand out. Also, use the most searched financial queries from your industry to plan the upcoming promotions and deals for your business which is tailor-made to suit your target audiences’’ needs.

Self-improvement is the next big goal

Pandemic gave people a chance to self-reflect and focus on self-development. Search queries ranging from diets and fitness to personal growth, online courses all saw a substantial increase. 

These search results also indicate users are now more aware and looking for work-life balance more than ever. Keywords like “skincare,” “treadmill for sale,” “online learning,” “ideas for beginners” saw a jump in overall searches, which indicate that users are looking for holistic growth that includes physical, mental, and skills upgrade.

For brands and businesses, this is the time to create the right tools and products/ services to become a part of the user journey and build customer loyalty.  

Changing and uplifting houses

With works and offices moving remote and people spending more time, the home uplifting and redecorating queries saw an increase. With going to work physically no longer a mandate, people also move to different neighborhoods and cities, which leads to the big move. 

This movement and work-from-home culture initiated the boost in queries like “study table for sale,” “furniture shop near me,” “budget small bathroom ideas,” “good career path,” “how to change us post office.” 

For businesses, focus on making life easier for your users and keep their long-term and short-term goals in mind while planning your products and campaigns.

Sustainability factor

Pandemic led people to double-check their choices and encouraged them to look for sustainable options. Searches for “second-hand stores,” strings containing “environment,” environmental sustainability,” “charity shops,” “food donations near me” were increased.

The trend shows an inclination for a purpose-driven and environment-friendly approach to be a deciding factor in consumer behaviors. 

Brands need to be clear about their green footprints, sustainability vision, products that help users move forward in this direction.

New normal is here to stay

While the world can’t wait to return to pre-pandemic days, some changes and norms are here to stay. 

Keywords like “takeout apps,” border restrictions,” “international travels,” “flight booking,” “hotel bookings” saw a rise which clearly states the people’s intent to get back to normal but not at the cost of safety.

2020 and 2021 showed a marked rise in user tendency to research critical information before deciding. This approach will stick around, and the brand needs to take correct steps to reassure their customers about the safety and other precautions.

Steps like an e-wallet or online payments and demonstrating safety protocols will help brands establish the buyer’s trust.

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