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Learn how to edit and manage your Google Business profile here effectively

It is essential for all businesses to claim their Google Business Profile in order to protect their brand and their online reputation. Optimizing your profile can be an effective way for your business to rank higher in Google search results, especially as Google places priority on its own products and services within the search results.

Changes continue to be made to Google’s local listing program, including the added functionality of being able to manage your Google Business Profile directly within Google search.

Brands have been given the option to manage their Google Business profile from Google search for about five years now. 

However, recently Google has taken this a step further by adding features and functionality to manage and edit your Business Profile in search more fully.

Awareness among business owners of this management feature is very low; many brands are unaware of the option or might find it challenging to navigate, as it is a new way to manage their Google Business profile.

This is a missed opportunity, mainly because Google has the strategic aim for businesses to use Google search as the primary means to manage the majority of Google Business Profiles.

Our article will look at how to start managing your Google Business profile in search.

As most businesses who have Google Business Profiles mostly have just one location, Google now recommends that they manage their location directly from Google search rather than through the Business Profile Manager.

If you have logged into your Business Profile Manager recently, you may have seen a notification encouraging you to try out managing your Business Profile directly from search.

In cases where you have over 100 businesses in a single Google Business account, it is not possible to manage these Google Business profiles from search. However, you can continue to manage them through the Business Profile Manager.

The first step is getting your Business Profile verified; then, you will have the option to manage your profile directly from Google search – note that it can take up to 14 days to receive the option. While you are waiting, you can continue to use the Business Profile Manager to manage your profile until you have the ability to manage in Google search.

Managing business profiles from the Business Profile Manager is already reasonably easy.

However, Google is pushing for single-location businesses to manage profiles from Google search rather than the Profile Manager. 

To begin, you will need to be signed into the same Google Account you use to manage your Business Profile.

Then, go to Google and do a search for your exact business name (adding city location if necessary), alternatively, you can also try conducting a search for “my business.”

If you have more than one profile and would like to manage a particular business profile, here you can click ‘View Profile’.

From here, you can view your brand’s Knowledge Panel on the right and on the left of your business profile management section.

From the management section in search, you will have the option of two key items: the Menu and Chips.

The menu offers similar functionality to managing your Google Business profile. Here you can perform the majority of edits to your profile, add updates, including products and services, etc.

You will also see any updates and changes Google makes to your profile based on user-suggested edits or through the information it discovers online.

Below are is an outline of each section of the menu:

Edit profile

Here you can:

  • Edit business details – operational hours, contact information, website address and other details.
  • Add and remove products and services.
  • Upload photos and videos.


From here, you can view your Google Business Profile insights, upload photos, generate a shortened URL to ask for customer reviews, make posts, etc.


From this area, you can view and reply to reviews, explore information about inbound calls, see and respond to messages, or chat and answer questions users ask in Q&A.

What are “chips”?

You will notice several “chips” within the Business Profile management section. Chips allow your business to perform several actions to help optimize and enhance your profile.

Your brand’s chips may appear different from another business’s chips. You can view what chips are available to your business and what features they allow you to enhance.

For example, if you click on the “get your first review” chip, you will be able to see some options to share your review form with previous customers, or if you click on “promote your business with an ad on Google”, it will give you options to create an ad.

You can view these chips like Google’s recommendations and steps to take to maximize and optimize your Google Business Profile.


There will be a learning curve when making the adoption. However, once you have navigated the new user interface, you should benefit from the enhanced functionality and user experience. Google will likely continue to add more features in the months ahead.

If you have any questions about Google Business profiles or SEO, please feel free to contact our expert team at for more information.

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