Google Shopping Campaigns taking over Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Campaigns taking over Google Search Ads

For a long time, marketers and e-commerce companies have been spending money on Google Search Ads to place their websites and ads on top of organic search results. However, Google has pushed Search Ads one step-down and has added the “Google Shopping Campaign” to the top of search results.

What is Google Shopping Campaign?

Google Shopping Campaign uses the Google machine learning program and algorithms to automatically reach consumers and drive sales across the Google network. Google Shopping allows E-commerce websites to advertise products on top of Google’s search page using visually appealing images, a simple product description, price, the name of the retailer, reviews and even shipping details. This allows consumers to simply click on the Ad and be directed straight to the company website.

What is better than having your actual product image shown on top of the Google search result page?

Research has shown a dramatic rise in Google Shopping Ads being used across the globe due to its high performance generating up to 85.3% of all Ad clicks on Google Adwords. Although Search Ads are lower in cost, the high success rate of Google Shopping Campaigns compared to Search Ads has wakened up a number of online retailers to switch and invest more money into Google Shopping Campaigns.

4 simple steps to add your products to Google Shopping Campaign!

STEP 1 – It’s all about your products. You will be required to create what is called a “Product feed” or in simple terms, a spreadsheet of the products that you sell on your website. This spreadsheet will contain a list of product details required by Google such as product title, image, description, product type, category, availability, price, sale price and more.

Tips: Be very careful in choosing product images and descriptions as your product will be shown along with your competitors’ products!

STEP 2 – The “Google Merchant Center”! Create an account and add your product feed in. Follow the instructions and do not be scared of creating errors.

STEP 3 – Make sure you have a Google Ad’s account and then create a Google Shopping Campaign. You will then be exposed to two campaign options “Standard shopping campaign” and “Smart Shopping Campaign” with which they differ in reach, the level of control, the networks where your Ads will appear and more. Before finishing, be sure to choose your budget and location wisely.

STEP 4 – Choose your Ad group type between “Product shopping” for single product Ads or “Showcase shopping” for multi-product Ads.

STEP 5 – Click save, Sit back, Relax and let Google’s smart machine program and algorithms drive your sales.

Despite the high performance and click-through rates, a number of retailers have failed to start-up Google Shopping Campaign due to its complexity.

Don’t let the complexity pull you down. You can simply contact us at Relevant Audience Bangkok for consultation and even to get it all set-up for you. Get your Google Shopping campaing up and running today in Bangkok.


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