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Background, Mahogany 5.5

Mahogany 5.5, a stylish beauty salon in Nakhon Pathom that can reach out to their client’s identities and build confidence through a new hairstyle. Whether it would be a new haircut, curling hair, or dying hair into various colour combinations. With expertise gained from years of experience and the right tools, Mahogany 5.5’s hair stylists are sure to provide all clients with a new hairstyle that changes their lives.

Challenge & Solution

Paid Media
Web Development
Performance Creative

Given that the beauty salon industry has always flourished throughout time, the number of entrepreneurs seeking to enter the market is soaring. As a result, an increasing number of salons are opening, indicating that the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Thus, attracting as many consumers as possible has been the primary objective of salon operations nowadays.

We, Relevant Audience, are fully aware of this “pain point,” and as a result, our digital marketing plans for Mahogany 5.5 were created with the goal of “growing the consumer base and maximizing sales.” We began by producing marketing concepts, utilizing social network platforms such as Facebook to improve brand recognition and identify opportunities for long-term business growth.


"Relevant Audience has effectively aided our business in the field of digital marketing, as well as provided assistance in reaching out to new clients."

– Mr. Chetnupong Phadung Srisawat – The Owner of Mahogany 5.5

After evaluating the goals and requirements of Mahogany 5.5, we began providing support by establishing Facebook Ads marketing campaigns. To better convey the business’s essential message to the customer, our concept was “to tell a story like no others could.” With this new concept, the brand was able to differentiate itself from the competition, the salon began to reach new target groups while also retaining and encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers.

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