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Arbitration Institute


The Thailand Arbitration Center (THAC) is an institution that provides arbitration and mediation services for cross-border disputes. THAS was established in 2015 under the act of arbitration center B.E. 2550 and began operations with the intention of promoting and enhancing alternative dispute resolution systems and services in Thailand.

Challenge & Solution

Paid Media
Web Development
Performance Creative

Arbitration institutions are considered “specialized” organizations. Certain intricate and delicate details make it difficult to communicate with a broader audience. Therefore, it is a significant task for Relevant Audience to establish digital marketing campaigns, raise awareness and understanding among the institute’s target audience. In selecting an SEM strategy, we decided to implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help improve the website, in addition to developing high-quality content that will facilitate a broader audience’s awareness.


"Everyone here is truly professional. They instantly understand our requirements. The entire team is always ready to assist, collaborate, and provide advice to assist us in resolving issues or developing new strategies."

– Mr.Panuwat Bungadaeng Marketing Communications (MARCOM) at THAC

Relevant Audience has adopted various SEO techniques for THAC. We began by applying onsite improvements to the website, making it SEO-friendly. Then, curating SEO materials with the appropriate keywords to increase exposure to high-quality leads, both Thai and foreign clients. This resulted in a higher SERPs ranking, greater website traffic, and increased user engagement, all of which increased organic conversion goals.

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