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Google shopping campaings in Bangkok

For a long time, marketers and e-commerce companies have been spending money on Google Search Ads to place their websites and ads on top of organic search results. However, Google has pushed Search Ads one step-down and has added the “Google Shopping Campaign” to the top of search results.

What is Google Shopping Campaign?

Google Shopping Campaign uses the Google machine learning program and algorithms to automatically reach consumers and drive sales across the Google network. Google Shopping allows E-commerce websites to advertise products on top of Google’s search page using visually appealing images, a simple product description, price, the name of the retailer, reviews and even shipping details. This allows consumers to simply click on the Ad and be directed straight to the company website.

What is better than having your actual product image shown on top of the Google search result page?

Research has shown a dramatic rise in Google Shopping Ads being used across the globe due to its high performance generating up to 85.3% of all Ad clicks on Google Adwords. Although Search Ads are lower in cost, the high success rate of Google Shopping Campaigns compared to Search Ads has wakened up a number of online retailers to switch and invest more money into Google Shopping Campaigns.

4 simple steps to add your products to Google Shopping Campaign!

STEP 1 – It’s all about your products. You will be required to create what is called a “Product feed” or in simple terms, a spreadsheet of the products that you sell on your website. This spreadsheet will contain a list of product details required by Google such as product title, image, description, product type, category, availability, price, sale price and more.

Tips: Be very careful in choosing product images and descriptions as your product will be shown along with your competitors’ products!

STEP 2 – The “Google Merchant Center”! Create an account and add your product feed in. Follow the instructions and do not be scared of creating errors.

STEP 3 – Make sure you have a Google Ad’s account and then create a Google Shopping Campaign. You will then be exposed to two campaign options “Standard shopping campaign” and “Smart Shopping Campaign” with which they differ in reach, the level of control, the networks where your Ads will appear and more. Before finishing, be sure to choose your budget and location wisely.

STEP 4 – Choose your Ad group type between “Product shopping” for single product Ads or “Showcase shopping” for multi-product Ads.

STEP 5 – Click save, Sit back, Relax and let Google’s smart machine program and algorithms drive your sales.

Despite the high performance and click-through rates, a number of retailers have failed to start-up Google Shopping Campaign due to its complexity.

Don’t let the complexity pull you down. You can simply contact us at Relevant Audience Bangkok for consultation and even to get it all set-up for you. Get your Google Shopping campaing up and running today in Bangkok.

digital marketing agency bangkok

Are you an E-commerce business or own an E-commerce website? If yes, the following information will only benefit you or in other words, you have come to the right place!

Statistics have shown that the global online shopping cart abandonment has been increasing and is currently as high as 69.57%. We all have experienced browsing through an online website for hours and then leaving it hoping to come back at a later date and that rarely happens. This is a huge problem that needs to be solved for all e-commerce websites out there to be able to get consumers to the final stage of purchasing.

What is Dynamic Remarketing?

In simple terms, Dynamic Remarketing is Google taking Google Ads to the next level. With Remarketing, Google is allowing websites to show and create tailored Ads to a targeted audience group and to people who have previously visited the website such as the shopping cart abandoners and previous product viewers. The Ads banners will contain the exact products that consumers have previously searched on the E-commerce website, the prices along with the images. These banners will pop up and be shown through consumers’ Google display network. 

Why should you use it?

In the current competitive online market, showcasing a simple ad on Google page is no longer enough. A number of online shopping sites are fighting for ad spaces all over the internet, however, successful Ads are the ones that are tailored to the right audiences and this can be done using Google Remarketing.

For example, if you are a Real Estate company selling a condominium, by setting up the right demographics for your audiences, and choosing the right group to target such as “People who have previously viewed a particular apartment”, Google Remarketing, through the use of behavior understanding, analytics and coding will help you place the right Ads containing those accommodations along with similar options that could potentially attract your audience.

The most interesting part is that you could design your own Ads! Google Remarketing contains up to 15 ad design formats to choose from along with texts, images, and prices to include.

Here are 6 simple steps to create Google Remarketing

  1. Create a customized Remarketing Tag on your website to match your product feed.
  2. Create a Remarketing Code
  3. Set up a new Remarketing audience list on Google Ads and choose your audiences
  4. Create Ad groups and assign audiences to the right groups
  5. Once the audience groups are fixed, you can then create your Remarketing Ads
  6. While creating the Ads, make sure to choose the right layout design, company logo, product images, prices, and texts.

While there are only 6 steps, the words ‘Google Ads’, “Remarketing”, ‘Coding” and “Analytics” can be overly complicated for a number of e-commerce companies which is why it is often disregarded. However, from all marketer’s perspective, achieving sales from your current or potential consumers are probably the best and easiest way to profit.

For all E-Commerce websites out there, it is crucial to implement Google’s Dynamic Remarketing into your websites to succeed in the competitive online world.

At Relevant Audience, we specialize in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Dynamic Remarketing and we are experts in building professional websites explicitly for all E-commerce companies. Do not hesitate to contact our team or come in for a free consultation.